The Importance of having a Quality Local Business Website

Posted on September 19, 2014 by Just In Time Websites

Is your business represented online? Even if you are the owner of a small, local company, having sensible online presence will bring a wide range of benefits. Here’s why modern website design matters and why you should hop on the bandwagon right now.

The Internet is Your Best Friend in the Marketing World

The internet is not an enemy of the local business. It is one of its biggest allies. Case studies show that some companies managed to raise their sales by 54 percent within a year of hiring professional web marketing agencies to build their online presence.

It is impressive to find out that 97 percent of the local businesses are first searched online by their clients.

A study by ROI Research Inc. shows that search engines influence local business purchases by nearly 30 percent. What does this mean for your small business? Getting modern web design and optimizing your online presence could affect revenue generation. A similar study by Social Media Ninjas shows that users who see your brand mentioned on social media sites will have greater acceptance of your services so as long as your web design matches the brand portrayed elsewhere. Simply put, consistency in web design and marketing efforts goes a long way, and the primary element that spearheads this is the web design.

Check out this new design trend, debuting only recently in 2014 – flat UI.

Website Designs that Sell

Having a website builds the foundations of your online marketing campaign. Web design should be intuitive, the visitor should be able to find what they have come for and then they should be led to the next relevant page. If done correctly, the strategy will do a lot for boosting audience engagement.

Pick designs that put emphasis on your brand and on products. Having something contemporary to show to the audience will prevent these people from leaving your pages and looking for information, products and services elsewhere.

Here’s a video discussing how web design trends have evolved over the past few years:

Why isn’t Your Website Delivering?

If your website is not generating leads, then something has gone wrong. There are several possible scenarios:

1. Your website design is not intuitive and the visitor cannot find what they’re looking for. This turns them away and they move on to your competitor’s website.

2. Your website is not easy to find – your online presence is not complete and you do not appear for the right keywords and key phrases. More SEO work is in turn.

4. The web design is not clear enough and people get overwhelmed – this is a common mistake and should be corrected as soon as noticed.

Call trained design professionals to get help as your first step. You may think you can design a site yourself – and perhaps you can – but we highly discourage it. There are elements of expertise that a professional web design team brings to the table that have a direct impact on conversions and the ability for your local business to increase its traffic and money.

Many of your customers are online and in order to find them, you will need to work on improving your website. It all starts with modern, clean and functional design. The sooner you complete this development, the more opportunities your company is going to enjoy.